Sauven 6000Plus

Sauven 6000Plus

High resolution ink jet, up to 34mm high text, up to 100m/min

Product Description

Sauven 6000Plus – The new technology in this on-line, high resolution ink jet printer gives unbelievable print quality for small or large characters, graphics and bar codes. The Sauven 6000Plus will print up to 17mm high and features multi-line coding.  This compact self-contained printer offers easy message entry and editing using a full QWERTY keypad and color WYSIWYG screen.  It also comes complete with software for networking and label creation through a PC.  It is simple to install, easy to use and clean to operate – it uses an ink cartridge system so there is no mess!

The Sauven 6000Plus can be provided with an Oil Based Ink for printing on porous surfaces, or an Alcohol Based Ink with a “Remote” printhead for printing on non-porous surfaces.

The Sauven 6000Plus Inkjet Coder is simple and easy to use for coding Lot, Batch Number or Expiration Date onto bottles, jars, cans and other containers. The 6000Plus is the newest member of the highly successful line of coders from Sauven Machinery and Griffin-Rutgers Co., the exclusive distributor for all Sauven coding systems in the U.S., Canada and Puerto Rico.

The Sauven 6000Plus, is an efficient, low cost alternative to expensive, complex inkjet systems that traditionally use dangerous, unpleasant, odorous chemicals. Its simple cartridge loaded, odor free, alcohol based ink is clean and easy to use without any chance of spill or mess. The Sauven 6000Plus produces clearly printed codes with its 200 dpi high resolution printhead.

The system is easy to program from its fully integrated QWERTY keypad and full color WYSIWYG screen, or it can be controlled and programmed remotely from a centralized computer system, as full computer connectivity is a standard feature of the system.

The new standard motorized printhead cover allows the Sauven 6000Plus to remain ready to print even when line stops are for extended lengths of time. In some environments the printhead will remain ready to print for up to 6 hours of line stoppage without any additional preparation. For system operators this means that once set up at the beginning of a shift, the Sauven 6000Plus will be ready to print after coffee breaks, lunch breaks, extended line stops or product changeover.

Each system is provided complete, ready to run with software, ink cartridge and mounting bracket. Just plug it in, enter your message and start printing. All of these advantages, as well as exceptional quality print are available at a fraction of the cost of previously available inkjet systems. Why use a complex, difficult to program, chemically unfriendly system that might cost up to twice as much as Sauven 6000Plus when you can have the advantage of cleanliness, ease of use and low operating costs right at your fingertips!

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Agriculture, Audio, Automotive, Consumer Goods, Cosmetics, Electrical, Food, Healthcare, Medical Device, Pharmaceutical, Safety, Snack, Track & Trace

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Blister Cards, Bottles or Jars, Boxes, Canisters, Cartons, Cases, Flexible Films, Lids, Pallets, Pouches

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Extruded Form, Flat, Oval, Rectangular, Round, Square, Tapered Walls

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Carton and Card Printers, Carton and Case Coders, Coders and Markers, Ink Jet Printers