Product Security Systems

Efforts to prevent product theft, diversion within the supply chain and counterfeiting are becoming more important in almost every industry in today’s more integrated digital world of commerce. Finding simple, reliable, cost effective ways to protect products, and brand identification and data, is an ever increasing need for all manufacturers and brand owners. It is currently estimated that between 30% – 50% of all pharmaceutical products in the world are either counterfeit or have been altered in some way and then repackaged. High priced cosmetic products are also a direct target for counterfeiting and theft.

CertiRx Corporation, represented by Griffin-Rutgers, has developed and commercialized proprietary platform technology into a set of solutions that makes counterfeits and frauds easier to detect, thereby deterring these crimes. CertiRx focuses on delivering the highest security features at lowest cost. CertiRx is seeking partners across multiple industry verticals, both among end-users and solutions integrators, to deliver its solutions for reducing the problems of counterfeiting and fraud.

IN2trace Serialization Framework provides and manages serialization codes during the whole lifecycle to meet requirements for different standards and data carriers, and integrates with customers’ existing systems to open new communication channel to product end users. IN2trace’s lead products are CureCloud™ and Taggyt™, which are serialization frameworks built specifically to meet the needs of regulated (primary pharmaceutical) and non-regulated industries, respectively.

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