FlexPackPRO® All-Electric TTO

Thermal transfer, print up to 53mm wide


We recognize that not all packaging facilities have in-house air available at the location where the package printing will take place. To resolve that issue and eliminate cost on the customers behalf FlexPackPro® developed the All-Electric 210e Model. Built with all of the technological features offered within FlexpackPRO® Thermal Transfer Overprinters Series and operating on standard voltage electricity,  the 210e model helps reduce the operational costs of the customer. The same thinking applies to the 210e as in all of the FlexPackPRO® products in regards to the inclusion of controller and software – both are included free. And should a 2D code be in your future there will be no need to purchase any software upgrade codes – all linear and 2D codes are included from the start!

The Model 210e Series prints 53mm wide by 50mm in length in an intermittent motion manner only and offers the same 0.5mm gap between print images as all of the other FlexPackPRO® models

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