Markoprint / Weber Marking

Weber Marking Systems GmbH was founded in 1980. They develop, produce and sell highly efficient coding and industrial marking products for the packaging industry. Sales include the iDesign software for simple and easy label designs and layout.

To reliably track back your products and increase your productivity, Weber Marking Systems is a good solution to manufacture and supply customized solutions for industrial marking of products and packaging. No matter where you need the label or mark, they offer systems for all sectors, surfaces and shapes.

Weber Marking’s Markoprint is a highly versatile industrial printer that leverages the full capabilities of industrial inkjet technology for product identification and package coding. Thousands of Markoprint’s German-manufactured coders have been sold across the world over the past decade.

Coding and Marking in industrial production environments demands robust, efficient and reliable systems and we can help design a marking technology designed to meet just these demands.