Tyvek® is a nonwoven product consisting of spun bond olefin fiber. It was first discovered in 1955 by a researcher for the DuPont textile company, named Jim White. While working in an experimental lab, Jim noticed a type of white fluff coming out of a pipe in a DuPont experimental lab.  Tyvek® had reached the mainstream construction industry on both a national and global scale, and is often used for the construction of houses as well as in medical and pharmaceutical applications.

Tyvek® medical and pharmaceutical packaging provides durability, compatibility with a wide range of sterilization methods, and the highest microbial barrier of any breathable sterile packaging material. These medical and pharmaceutical packaging materials are an integral part of sterile packaging that helps protect drugs and medical devices—and the health of millions.

At Griffin Rutgers, we pride ourselves on providing the correct printing equipment for printing on Tyvek® thereby ensuring that the printing on the packaging meets federal guidelines with printers that deliver clear, concise imaging. To assist you in selecting the correct printer for your printing needs, you can depend on our experience to provide you the printer that meets your precise specifications.

This is a small sample of the products we offer which can print and code on Tyvek Substrates:

FlexPackPRO® 420 Series

Thermal transfer, print up to 107mm wide

FlexPackPRO® Thermal Transfer Ribbons (TTR)

Thermal transfer ribbons

FlexPackPRO® 210 Series

Thermal transfer, print up to 53mm wide

FlexPackPRO® 130 Series

Thermal transfer, Print up to 32mm wide

FlexPackPRO® XT Series with Large Ribbon Capacity

Thermal Transfer Overprinters, ribbon rolls up to 1000 meters

TruFlex UV Thermal Transfer

Truflex UV Flexographic Printer

Flexo, UV inks, up to 380mm wide, 20m/min

Griffin Rutgers: Tyvek Substrates


Tyvek® For Packaging

Tyvek® is a brand of flashspun high-density polyethylene fibers, which is a synthetic material. The name is a registered trademark of the DuPont company, a company with a well-known reputation in the textile and chemical industries. Tyvek® is often used as housewrap, a synthetic material used to protect buildings during construction. The material is difficult to tear but can easily be cut with scissors or a knife. Water vapor can […]