FlexPackPRO 420i 107mm Thermal Transfer Overprinter

This video shows the FlexPackPRO 420i 107mm Thermal Transfer Overprinter in operation.   Integrates into many flexible packaging machine types for printing all flexible packaging materials including webs, bags, pouches, labels and more. Learn more about FlexPackPRO.

Xxtreme 64 Thermal Printer on Tyvek Pouch 6″

This video exhibits the 8” wide Xxtreme 64 print head printing pouches that are 6” wide by 13” long. Whether the need is for 1.5” by 3.5” garment tags or 9.3” by 21” Tyvek pouches or any header, blister card, carton sleeves or paper label the Xxtreme 64 can transport and print them all. Accommodate […]

Thermal Transfer printing on Tyvek Pouch 20″ with Xxtreme 64

The Xxtreme 64 shown in this video has an 8” wide print head and a feeder capable of transporting products that measure up to 9.3” by 21”. Now one can print, in-house, pouches and lid stocks for all of your large products i.e.: catheters.  THE Xxtreme 64 is designed for short runs, multiple changeovers, item […]

Xxtreme 64 System Video

The Xxtreme 64 is designed for the transporting and thermal transfer printing a wide range of varnished, polished or porous flat (no flaps) products. These include Tyvek pouches and lid stocks, blister/header cards, carton sleeves, garment tags and paper labels. The system can transport items at speeds of 4” to 10” per second (model, surface […]

FlexPackPRO 130i Thermal Transfer Overprinter (TTO) on Key-Pak Packaging Machine

This cost-effective, high-performance, FlexPackPRO 130i 32mm Intermittent TTO was chosen by a leading powdered mix company to replace inferior date coders on multiple Key-Pak vertical form fill seal machines. The 130i comes complete with a color touchscreen controller and ProCode Professional image design software at a fraction of the cost of equivalent date coding equipment. […]

Rugged and Reliable FlexPackPRO Thermal Transfer Overprinters (TTO)

FlexPackPRO TTO Coders are built of heavy-duty steel and 7000 series aircraft-grade aluminum alloy parts to provide years of high-performance date coding even in the toughest environments. Find out more about FlexPackPRO Thermal Transfer Overprinters (TTO) and Specialty Printing Systems

TableTop TTO Printing System by FlexPackPRO

For variable printing and coding on bags, pouches, film, label and card stock, FlexPackPRO’s line of TableTop Thermal Transfer Overprinting systems are the marking and coding industry’s highest quality option. Design codes and image templates using ProCode Professional coding and labeling design software (included FREE with each system), and print small or large batches on-demand. […]

FlexPackPRO 420i 107mm Thermal Transfer Overprinter (TTO)

The FlexPackPRO 420 Series 107mm Intermittent and Continuous Thermal Transfer Overprinters (TTO) are high performance, economical, in-line TTO coders capable of printing large 4.2″ x 5″ images on flexible packaging films and labels. FPP 420i/c digital coders print clear, high resolution ingredients panels, nutrition tables, date codes, lot codes, bar codes, text, graphics and other […]