Services for Packaging Printing, Coding and Labeling

Our specialty is helping incorporate coding, printing and labeling systems seamlessly into the production and packaging assembly lines of product manufacturers.

With over 50 years in the product identification industry, we are experts in both in-line and off-line printers, coders and labelers. We know the emerging technologies, and we offer products featuring the latest innovations.

Our Expertise Includes:Canned food products on conveyor belt in distribution warehouse.parcels transportation system concept.banner size

  • Needs assessment
  • Applications assistance
  • Configuring printing, coding and labeling solutions
  • Integration into existing production line operations.
  • Coordination of print or label solutions with upstream or downstream equipment to limit downtime.

We have experience with printing and coding on every type of substrate, from egg cartons to roof shingles to pharmaceutical products to cannabis packaging. We’ve configured product labeling solutions for hundreds of products of every size and shape imaginable.

Our Consultative Approach:

  • We work with Production Managers to configure optimal assembly line solutions to mark products
  • We understand the details of integrating printing, coding or labeling equipment into an assembly line
  • We know the technologies, and we can recommend the best products for your unique situation
  • We help you to install and maintain your product identification equipment

Needham Coding

We have the knowledge and the products to create a better solution for your company’s custom product identification. Cost-effective, convenient, attractive labeling, printing and coding options that work with your packaging and your production line.

We work closely with production managers and manufacturing operations managers to configure product ID solutions which include multiple manufacturers’ products working together. Our printers, coders and labelers provide convenient and efficient methods for customizing the packaging of any type of product on the conveyor line. Custom printed labels or coders will allow for variable content on product packages including dating, bar-coding, numbering, or other changing information.

We will find the perfect solution for your particular packaging design needs by configuring a variety of equipment to handle products, apply labels, print dates or bar codes, to identify your cartons, bottle, stand up pouches, flexible packaging and more.

Support and ServiceTop Panel Labeling System

  • We offer service for all equipment that we offer
  • We provide equipment delivery, installation and setup
  • Staff training
  • Continuing technical assistance and customer service
  • Equipment repair
  • Comprehensive array of spare parts, supplies and consumables
  • Same-day shipping

Contact us today to discuss your production line product ID requirements.