Accutrak Front and Back Panel Labeling

Front and back labeling of containers is employed on many products. The commercial product identification label is applied to the front of the container for “visual shelf appeal” to the consumer. The back label most often has instructional or ingredient information. Such back labels are sometimes “booklet” style labels that have multiple panels that can be peeled open holding much additional information.

Front and back panel labeling does not necessarily require special handling of the container itself but does require a two labeling head configuration of the labeling system. Each label is applied by a separate labeling applicator. But because of the need to place both labels accurately, the container handling and transporting system often requires that the container be re-oriented and precisely aligned as it approaches the labeling location.

At Griffin-Rutgers we specialize in helping customers find the optimum type of labeling system they need to do the job they face, at an affordable cost point, and at a level of automation that fits their production situation and line speed. Adaptability and flexibility to allow meeting future labeling tasks is also one of our primary considerations for our customers. Look at our various Multi Panel Labeling products below to view:

  • Front and Back Panel Labeling system

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