Thermal Ribbon

Black and Color Thermal Transfer Ribbon suitable for use in all Thermal Transfer Printers


We offer competitively priced thermal transfer printer labels and ribbons in all sizes that are used to create shipping labels for cases and pallets, barcode labels, product identification labels, carton labels and much more. Unlike direct thermal printing which relies on the interaction of the chemical composition of the label paper and the thermal print head to produce an image, thermal transfer employs a thermal transfer ribbon during application. Thermal ribbon technology is simple and works by melting ink from the ribbon onto the label. Thermal transfer printing is reliable and low maintenance, and can be applied in a wide range of on-demand printing applications. Thermal transfer printing is also considered a highly cost-effective method of identifying products, while employing relatively inexpensive materials.

The ribbon produced in wax, wax/resin or resin compositions creates a strong, high contrast black coloring for a dense high-quality result.  While black is the dominant color used in over 99% of thermal transfer label printing applications, a variety of colored ribbons are available.

Let’s discuss the particular needs of your product identification project (substance resistant, weatherproof or general purpose as examples) so the correct label/thermal transfer ribbon combination can be provided for your unique application.  Whether you run a Datamax, Sato, Zebra or other brand of thermal transfer label printer we offer the right label/ribbon combination to suit your needs.

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