3 Tips for Optimal Carton Printing

In today’s highly competitive business environment and discerning consumer marketplace, the carton printing process needs to produce optimal results on a consistent basis. This means clear and legible text and symbols facilitated through a process that keeps print costs low and productivity high. With this in mind, there are three that can help you achieve ideal carton printing results, as illustrated by which type of carton printing process can be the most effective to achieve a particular objective.

  1. To ensure clear and legible text, offset printing technology can handle a diverse range of carton structures and materials while still delivering optimum clarity and readability. This includes the ability to produce in many colors and at a high volume. The technology is so good that it can print on all types of material thicknesses – from tissue paper to corrugated paper to shipping cartons. This is because this type of equipment uses ink technology that is designed to work on this range of materials, always delivering rich tones to the print color and crisp print reproduction.
  2. To achieve lower costs, which are often the prime objective but a significant challenge when it comes to carton printing, consider Web gravure printing that can reduce production costs while handling a considerable volume of batch carton print jobs. This type of process provides a sophisticated and rich way to print ink onto cartons without the cost that you might associate with such a process.  Another way this technology keeps costs low is that it is highly reliable and trouble free, minimizing the downtime and mistakes that can quickly drive up the expense of printing on cartons. With some of the highest product quality and reliability, budget allocations will decrease and push profitability to new levels.
  3. To reap higher productivity, your best bet is to consider turning to flexible printing technology if you need to handle multi-color printing for carton lines. This type of technology is also useful for other types of complex printing jobs, including those that require on-line cutting as well as creasing cartons. This type of technology can handle working effectively at different printing pressures without relying on manual assistance. Having all the complex operations automated tends to ramp up the level of productivity.

In Summary In summarizing the tips for optimal carton printing, remember these key ideas:

  • Tip one is to make sure you find a printing solution that provides clear and legible text on a consistent basis like offset printing technology.
  • Tip two is to look for ways to leverage a printing option that lowers your overhead expenses like Web gravure printing, which offers reliability, increased uptime, and high-quality printing for a low price.
  • Tip three is to find productivity gains by turning to flexible printing technology, which can automate a larger part of the printing process for cartons as well as handle more complex tasks like multi-color and those that require cutting and creasing the cartons while printing.


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