5 Things You Should Know about the FlexPackPRO® Thermal Transfer Coder

When looking for a digital, variable data coding system to invest in and depend on, it’s important to first get to know the various system manufacturers and learn how their product offerings can help you achieve your business objectives. One of the more popular coding brands today is the FlexPackPRO® family of coders. Here are five things you should know about this particular system.

  1. How FlexPackPRO® Coders Work: These are in-line thermal transfer coders that use thermal transfer technology to print barcodes, times, codes, dates and images onto webs, packaging materials, and labels. The technology also allows for low environmental impact or waste. From the well-known coding manufacturer, FlexPackPRO®, these printers have a reputation for reliability, high-resolution images, and superior technology over other thermal transfer coders.
  2. How the Printers Increase Productivity: These printers have automatic real time date coding ability that can be change automatically. Not having to rely on manual set-up means more uptime and greater productivity. Its operation is simple and does not require that operators know how to set up characters or change alignment. It is push and go print. The simplicity of the machine – from installation to operation to maintenance – means that more time is spent printing, allowing you to scale up quickly and realize new levels of productivity.
  3. How FlexPackPRO® Printers Reduce Costs: These machines reduce costs by decreasing ribbon usage because of its automatic, high accuracy foil advance. It also does not add up the expenses by needing type, stereos or dyes. Also, seeing that it is so highly reliable, there is no fear of down time, which can result in exponentially increased production costs.
  4. How These Machines Offer High-Quality Printing: The advanced technology delivers high-resolution print of 300dpi as well as featuring a significant variety of fonts, typefaces, and sizes that can be produced to customize to your exacting coding specifications. Thermal Transfer technology has proven to provide the highest quality code prints (alpha/numeric, bar and 2D codes, logos, etc.) of any technology for the product identification market.
  5. How the Printers Ensure Security of Printed Codes: The machine’s feature includes automatic time and date coding, which ensure accuracy of printed codes as well as offers product traceability. Thanks to the highly secure pre-programmed layout options, information cannot be modified by the operator. For greater security, this machine also offers features like password, keyswitch, and configurable access mechanisms.

In Summary Here are the main points from this blog post:

  • FlexPackPRO® printers utilize thermal transfer technology to print barcodes, text codes, dates and times, and images.
  • They increase productivity through simple installation, automatic operation, and high levels of reliability for little or no downtime.
  • FlexPackPRO® printers reduce costs by reducing ribbon usage and not using stereos, dyes, or type.  Faster code changeover also saves on production costs.
  • These machines offer high-quality printing through flexibility, high-resolution output, and customized specifications to suit your objectives.
  • They ensure security of printed codes by offering a multi-tiered security system that includes automatic time and date coding, pre-programmed layout options, the ability to restrict the modification of information, and many access mechanisms like password protection and keyswitch options.
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