Accufast P4 with HDF Feeder

Accufast P4 with HDF Feeder

The Accufast P4 is a complete, desk top sized, system for feeding transporting and printing on cartons, cards, sleeves and envelopes. It can print an area up to 2” x 12” or that area can be divided into two independently located 1” x 12” areas. The system can transport materials up to 3” x 14” in size.

The transport/printer portion of the P4 can be equipped with several different feeding devices each of which is designed to best suit particular product sizes, shapes, and styles. Heavy Duty Feeders, Small Item Feeders, and feeders with specific capability to handle items that are difficult to stack are all available to suit the need of any project. The selection of post-print collection devices for collecting or re-stacking of the printed goods also suit the needs of the individual application.

When paired with the HDF feeder, materials from 3” to 14” wide and up to 14.33” long can be fed into the P4 printer at very high throughput speeds to suit high volume operations. The P4 transport belts are able to run up to 50’ per second.

The cartridge based printing system makes for extremely clean operation and superfast ink changes. Inks are available in a wide variety of colors and formulas to suit differing needs of the product materials or application.

The Graphic User Interface software, used for message design and printer control, can make every print image the same (i.e.: Lot Number and Expiration Date) or completely different (i.e.: envelope addresses), or can be used to print serialized security information (i.e.: pharmaceutical security).


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