Assessing The Cost of Owning Coding and Marking Machines

It may seem a simple task to compare the costs of various coding and marking machines technologies but there are other, less obvious, costs unrelated to the initial capital equipment purchase price that you should consider before making a final decision.

Equipment Costs

One way of assessing costs is to look at singular cost of the equipment. But all coders use consumables that should be factored into the total system cost.  Also, any required maintenance should be considered as well.  These consumable and maintenance costs continue long after the payment for the equipment has been made.

Lifetime Costs 

Another and possibly better way to compare technology costs is to consider the long term cost of consumables that are required for system operation. These might include:

  • hot foil tape and type
  • thermal transfer ribbons and replacement printheads
  • thermal inkjet ink cartridges
  • continuous inkjet inks, solvents, jet nozzles and servicing (these are complex machines so you WILL at some point require service support)

You can calculate annual costs, costs based on expected lifetime of the machine or as cost per 1000 prints.

The professionals at Griffin Rutgers can help you determine the best solution for your printing needs including a cost assessment.



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