Bags & Pouches For The Pharmaceutical Industry

Almost everyone uses some type of pharmaceutical product so the packaging of these products is very important. Using pouches or bags with multi-layer barrier films are excellent choices for protecting your product from oxygen, moisture, and sunlight.

There are different types of bags and pouches, and printing or labeling them has differing requirements. If you are printing directly onto bags or pouches, it will require a different type of printer than if you are printing labels to be affixed directly to them.

Here are two types of bags and pouches for the pharmaceutical industry:

Bag-in-box: These cover a wide range of sizes – from boxed liquids as small as 1L all the way up to an industrial-sized bag as large as 220L (300 gallons) which is used for transporting bulk ingredients to be used as part of your final product.Pharmaceutical Packaging

Bag-in-box is a cost-effective, clean, and high-performing packaging alternative for your pharmaceutical products. They are a flexible bag made of secure and durable film that’s strong enough to keep caustic, acidic, or basic products from eating away at the packaging as well. They can handle sensitive and aggressive products that have a wide range of pH, keeping the ingredients and all in-process materials securely inside the packaging wall, and safe from contamination or exposure to the outside elements.

Pouch packaging: This type of packaging is growing in popularity world-wide. They are highly convenient, portable and make it easy to get every drop out of the package.

Clean processing makes pouches an ideal solution for smaller size packaged of pharmaceutical products used in collection, metering, and dosing, where mix ratios are critical, and allows for controlled delivery of sensitive ingredients.

They can even be used to package thickened food and beverage products for patients requiring easy-to-dispense and shelf-life stable nutrition that preserves freshness, with secondary shelf-life without the use of preservatives or refrigeration.

The market for pharmaceutical products is growing worldwide. Packaging and labeling will continue to change and grow as new materials come available.  Regulations across the industry change as more information becomes available. These trends ensure that companies continue to offer solutions that are effective and efficient, while guaranteeing high-quality products every time.

Because of the changes, printing and labeling the bags and pouches also change. We offer a wide variety of  thermal transfer labeling systems and printers to meet the demands of the pharmaceutical industry. We will work with you to find and implement the correct equipment that fits your particular needs.

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