Challenges In Labeling And Coding

If the barcode or marking of your product is unreadable, it can result in recalls, unhappy customers, and even fines. It is important to identify these issues early by implementing regular checks and verification to ensure quality.

Many companies face challenges in labeling and coding of their products. Retailing issues, price point, and the increase in competition of the shelf lends the industry to look for more solutions to ease some of these different, and often complex labeling concerns.Product Barcodes

From bright and glossy, to refined and elegant, product labeling and packaging convey information, messaging, and claims about a brand. At the same time, the labeling and packaging must also include mandatory information guided by local and national regulations. As more companies take their products global, it’s vital to assess the legal requirements for each market to avoid the possibility of litigation or misleading customers and losing their trust.

Most of the items consumed contain various codes and markings; from best-before and lot dates to GS1 or Data Matrix barcodes to serial batch numbers with various unique identifiers.  These markings are there to ensure traceability and product safety, to protect consumers, and to avoid counterfeiting. They are regulated by various global and national laws, standards, and guidelines. As a manufacturer, you must aim to meet the increased demand for product identification and brand protection.  Because of that, it’s a smart business choice to implement intelligent coding and marking equipment in your factories and throughout the supply chain.

One of the biggest challenges you may face is the speed of which your product gets to the market. That is a valid concern because there are far more regulations than there used to be. Lead time is lost in testing, legal and compliance review, ensuring all the nutrition facts are accurate, etc.

Another challenge is the demographics of what the consumer is looking for has changed. In times past, labeling was all about creating a certain mood, and creating an identity with the brand. While that is still a main focus, it has broadened. As a manufacturer, you’re now faced with creating a much larger picture across a larger scale. It’s no longer just one product, but a family of products with the same branding behind it. As an example, color coding was a convenience to signal which product was which. Now color is used to create an entire brand picture, mood and vision. Now the product becomes part of the design; designers are getting savvier and leveraging the product to tie into the label.

Packaging today is more than protection for your product. It’s a silent salesperson communicating and engaging with consumers from the shelf.

We have many labeling systems available that can be integrated into your setting.  Facing the challenges in labeling and coding doesn’t have to be as daunting as it may seem. Give us a call, and we can develop a system that works specifically for you.

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