Dairy Product Coding & Labeling

Anytime you’re working with food products, there are a multitude of guidelines that must be followed. This is true with dairy packaging and labeling.

There are some challenges within the world of dairy packaging.

  1. The environment in which labeling must be done includes condensation, washdown areas, temperature changes and sterilization stations.
  2. Production requirements can frequently change to accommodate different products and package materials.
  3. The high-speed production rates call for high performance equipment.

Coding, labeling and marking dairy products is demanding. With fast changing requirements, short shelf life, extreme need for cleanliness and traceability, there is a need for equipment that can tackle all types of substrates. You might find dairy products packaged in plastic bottles, cartons, sleeves, shrink sleeves, pots, tubs, foil wrap, and foil tops. Each of these substrates poses a unique coding and marking solution.Dairy Packaging

Griffin-Rutgers offers product identification systems for all of these package styles and materials.

FlexPackPro offers a variety of Thermal Transfer Overprinter (TTO) solutions that can be mounted onto your filling machine(s). TTO’s allow you to print barcodes, date codes, text, logos and graphics directly onto bags, in-line! The FlexPackPro TTO systems are also solutions for VFFS machines, flow wrappers, multi-lane thermoformers and tray sealers.

FlexPackPRO TTO Coders are built of heavy-duty steel and 7000 series aircraft-grade aluminum alloy parts to provide years of high-performance date coding even in the toughest environments. Check out this video of the FlexPackPRO Thermal Transfer Overprinters at work and for additional information view our FlexPackPro Dairy Product Sheet.

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