Date Coding on Water Bottles: What Machine Works Best?

Every company with date coding requirements wants to select the best equipment for their specific product to assure optimum output for the surface being printed on. This is definitely the case when it comes to date coding on water bottles.  With so many types of machines on the marketplace today, how does one discern which type is best for date coding on water bottles?

Laser Coders Lead the Way Laser coders are optimal for date coding on water bottles.  Laser coding equipment is known for certain performance features that set it apart from other types of date coding equipment and makes it an excellent return on investment.  Here’s why:

  • Laser coders provide, system reliability, production-line efficiency and, most of all, the codes are completely permanent and not affected by moisture.
  • Other types of coders run into performance issues that lead to smudged codes when exposed to hot, humid weather or imprecise application of the code. Conversely, laser coders deliver date coding on water bottles that is guaranteed to be consistent in crisp quality and accuracy no matter what type of environment it is exposed to during the production and transport processes, including any type of harsh or wet environments.
  • The laser coders also offer a simpler production and equipment operation process to make it easy to set the date code and then not have to worry about it.
  • Another advantage is the fact that these laser coders are cleaner and require minimal to no maintenance, lowering the operating costs considerably. This includes a long life for the laser tube used in the equipment.
  • Used in conjunction with a vapor-extraction unit, the facility does not have to deal with any plastic fumes and airborne particulates that can be emitted during the process of date coding on plastic bottles.
  • The laser coder is also considered energy efficient, using less energy to produce the marks on the water bottles than other types of equipment, which helps the company reduce its impact on the environment.
  • Many companies that already use laser coders praise all its features and functionality as well as recommend these as the best choice for a water bottle facility.

In Review The main points in this blog post are:

  • Laser coders are the best choice for date coding plastic water bottles.
  • Laser coders deliver high levels of accuracy to their coding capabilities within all types of harsh working environments for smudge-free and clear date coding.
  • These machines are also clean and maintenance free, lowering operating costs.
  • The laser coder is easy to use and set for date coding, taking much of the hassle out of using it.
  • Lastly, these machines are considered to be more energy efficient.


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