Date Printers: Which Machine Works the Best?

When it comes to selecting the right machine from the long list of date printers available today, determining which works “best” can be difficult since this qualification should take in account a number of factors. These include features and characteristics that determine a machine’s ability to provide consistent, high-quality print critical to the end result. When determining the best date printers for your needs, consider the following:

  • Workhorse Mentality: When it comes to the packaging, volume is often everything. When there is a high demand to produce, the printer must be a workhorse capable of going the distance by taking on high print volumes day in and day out, year after year. This means more uptime than downtime or maintenance time because workhorse machines are developed and manufactured with fewer parts. This will keep the production line moving since this kind of device needs little maintenance and is less likely to break down.
  • Double Duty: Print jobs are not just about working one task under increasing demand, as multitasking is commonly required. For example, this can include taking on multiple lines of information or various graphic mediums – from alpha-numeric text to graphics like logos or multiple colors.
  • Accuracy: It’s all well and good that a machine can produce for the long haul and multi-task, but accuracy trumps all. That means identifying date printers that can get the right information in the right spot every time so that those key dates, safety information and other such data is not lost, rendered unreadable, or tampered with before the package hits the store shelves.
  • Clear Information: Legal and other protocols cannot be assured if dates and other mandatory information is blurred or can be easily smudged or altered by its external environment. Therefore, a vital quality for any date printer is to provide high-resolution output of  clear,  durable printed dates or other alphanumerics. This clear information helps retailers keep track of their inventory and provide the best information to their customers, which is key to building brand confidence.
  • Error Reduction: The date printer that offers automation can greatly help a business reduce human error from manual operation and generally increase productivity with consistent, around-the-clock output. A machine will continue to churn out accurate print images  based on programmable information far more efficiently and effectively.

In Summary Remember these qualities when researching date printers to ensure the most consistent performance level possible to drive your business success:

  • A date printer must go the distance and handle increasing volumes of label printing, and it needs to do multiple tasks at this pace.
  • Everything that a date printer produces must be clear, durable, and accurate. Consistent quality is vital for packaging labels that contain dates, handling requirements and other imperative data.
  • Automating the process of print image recall  helps to reduce human errors that could otherwise compromise the ability to provide this  information  accurately.


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