Digital Thermal Transfer Printing on Cardboard

When it comes to tracking down the best systems for digital thermal transfer printing on cardboard, there are a number of options to choose from based on specific applications and operational environments. Listed below are two of the leading-edge solutions in the marketplace today for digital thermal transfer printing on cardboard. EasyPrint® Digital Thermal Transfer Printing on Cardboard This machine prints codes, text, images and graphics on cardboard packaging without creating any mess or impacting on the environment. Manufactured by Bell-Mark, this printer is available in models for production environments that need either intermittent use or continuous operation. For those with cardboard packaging needs, here are some key benefits to consider when looking for a digital thermal transfer printer like the EasyPrint for this type of surface:

  • Increases productivity. It is fully automatic or it can be manually operated at the touch of a button with a simple keyboard. It has robust operation and reliability to maintain production without any complicated maintenance that could create downtime.
  • Minimizes costs. This machine reduces ribbon usage to a minimum through the use of automatic, high accuracy foil advance while no chases, dyes, type or stereos are required.
  • Delivers consistent, crisp, and high-quality printing. It provides 300dpi high-resolution printing within a range of fonts and sizes.
  • Secures printed codes. By using automatic time/date coding, the machine ensures security of integrity of printed codes and complete product traceability. Pre-programmed layouts also provide the correct print format as well as restrict the information that can be modified by the operator.

The EasyPrint eco Thermal Transfer Coders Also can be employed for cardboard printing, this is a highly affordable digital thermal transfer solution. Despite its low price point, nothing is compromised in terms of quality, reliability, or user friendliness for intermittent applications. Benefits include greater productivity and fast changeover not to mention low to no maintenance. Additionally, ribbon consumables are maximized to lower waste and increase the profitability of the production line. Code security is also addressed. Overall, this alternative solution for printing on cardboard makes the low-cost life expense of this machine very attractive especially in the eyes of small production lines and manufacturing businesses. In Summary The main points for this blog post include:

  • There is an array of quality printers to consider for direct thermal transfer onto cardboard applications.
  • The EasyPrint model offers measurable advantages like increased productivity, lower costs, consistent high-quality printing and secure printed codes.
  • The EasyPrint eco is a thermal transfer coder that is low-cost but not low on functionality, features, and dependability, making it ideal for small businesses that do not have a lot to invest but do need a machine that delivers productivity, quality, and reliability to build their businesses and profitability.


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