Enhance An Older Style Packaging Machine

Are you running your facility with older style packaging technology? With recent changes in regulations requiring high-resolution production date and expiration’s on your packaging, you may be thinking you need to completely overhaul your VFFS system.

Recently, a leading fresh coffee producer in business since 1968, wanted to utilize an older VFFS machine to handle additional product for an important retail client.  Regulations required a high-resolution production date and expiration date on each bag, but the decades-old machine was never expected to marry with a sophisticated digital date coder like FlexPackPRO®.

The company turned to our team of engineers to determine how they could go about merging old technology with new digital date coder technology.  The results saved the customer from buying an extremely expensive new VFFS bagger!

FlexPackPRO’s can fit into almost any of your existing Form, Fill, Seal machines – regardless of age – with a state-of-the-art FlexPackPRO® brand Thermal Transfer Overprinter.

At the core of FlexPackPRO® Thermal Transfer Overprinter’s are three words.  Rugged, Reliable, Value.


  • Built with 7000 series aircraft-grade treated aluminum alloy and stainless steel.
  • Vertically-integrated parts manufacturing to ensure quality control and precision assembly.
  • Heavy-duty installation brackets and rollers crafted in-house to customer specifications.


  • Patented mechanical design requiring zero preventative maintenance.
  • Patented clutchless ribbon drive and tension control design maximize uptime and long-term performance.
  • Superior Festo®pneumatics assure image quality control & longer printhead life.
  • Patented printhead assembly requires lower air pressure to achieve highest print quality.
  • 300dpi Kyocera® printheads on self-leveling mounts provide superior code quality through every run.


  • Full-featured, highly-intuitive ProCode™ image design software comes free with all systems.
  • Reasonably-priced systems, ribbons, parts and service provide the industry’s lowest total cost of ownership.
  • Color LCD touchscreen controllers with WYSIWYG print preview come standard with all models.

The line of high-performance, cost-effective thermal transfer overprinters (TTOs) are all three.  If you’re ready to upgrade from older technologies like hot stamp or roller coders – or if it’s time to replace your current TTOs – FlexPackPRO® is the way to go.

When it comes to making the switch to a TTO, you do not have to switch your packaging.  You can marry your older equipment to the new technology, saving your company thousands of dollars. Not only can you avoid investing in all new equipment, on average, a complete FlexPackPRO® system lists for 25-40% lower than competitive TTO systems of comparable quality.

The 18-month standard warranty is the best in the business.


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