Folding Cartons and Their Unique Printing Needs

If you are a manufacturer that works with folding cartons, you have no doubt been faced with the issue that this type of container poses for your coding and marking procedures. You understand that the variable data that needs to be applied to a carton is only one element of the entire production and printing process.

Even though this may seem to be a process that isn’t that high of a priority, its importance will be evident when someone in the organization needs to apply a label. In fact, with folding cartons, you may find it nearly impossible unless you have the correct printer and/or labels for the job! In some cases the printer you’re using may be able to perform the task, but if you’re printing on containers, such as cracker boxes, soup containers, prescription bottles and other consumer goods, you may find printing on folding cartons is not a task your current print set up can handle.Carton Printer

The reason for the increase in the need to print on folding containers is that businesses are looking toward more environmentally friendly practices and packaging is one of the areas in which they believe they can make an impact. Many folding cartons are made from recyclable and biodegradable materials. In addition these cartons are also lightweight and can be packed and shipped in flat form. These containers, even when filled, are easy to pack and transport.

Folding cartons also offer aesthetic appeal to the consumer. Manufacturers appreciate the cartons because they allow for a full front view when their products are on the grocery store shelf. The front can feature the brand’s design while the ingredient list, use by date, and other pertinent information is printed on the non-front-facing area.

When talking with the professionals at Griffin-Rutgers you may want to ask about an offline printing process. With this type of print set up, the cartons will be printed on before they reach the production line. An offline printing system is beneficial because of the very nature of the carton’s shape allowing the packaging manager to rest easy knowing that all of the pertinent information will be printed on the carton when it is delivered to them for filling and shipping.


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