Four Advantages of High Resolution Carton Printers

When looking at the available carton printers on the market today, it is important to select one that meets all of your criteria. High resolution carton printers offer some significant advantages, making them worth serious consideration.

Top Benefits of Going High Resolution

Here are four advantages of selecting from this technology of carton printers:

  1. Excellent Print Images: They can print high quality graphics, logos, barcodes and 2D codes in the same message.  Offering excellent print images and aesthetics is the top advantage. These printers can handle very complex and detailed images, delivering a crisp and clear presentation that helps sell the carton products or market the company brand it represents.
  2. Flexibility: Today’s packaging often requires changes due to regulatory measures, customer needs, and the expansion of product lines.  Therefore it helps to have one printer that can do it all and handle it all, rather than being faced with a new investment in additional equipment. High resolution carton printers are designed to work with various carton substrates, sizes, shapes and can handle a variety of printing demands.
  3. Durability: With many companies facing shorter lead times and high volume delivery requests, there is no room for downtime. That’s why it’s good to consider a well-designed, quality, high resolution printer for your carton printing, because it goes the distance. Additionally, these types of machines are scalable in their capacity, being able to take on more and more as demand grows.
  4. Accuracy: There is no margin for error when it comes to printing cartons. Information printed on the carton – whether it is a logo, illustration, bar code, or sequential numbering – has to be done correctly the first time or it will create a logistical nightmare for a business. A high resolution printing system for cartons is built with accuracy in mind and user-friendly capability to work with increasingly complex and variable sets of data that cartons now require.

In noting the highlights from this article on the benefits found in high resolution printers for cartons, remember these key points:

  • Advantages are delivered across all aspects of the carton printing process.
  • High quality print images and precise barcodes are critical with emerging data requirements. A quality image and presentation reflects on the company’s reputation and paints a good picture about what that firm offers.
  • Trends and demands are in constant flux, so it is important to have equipment that can adapt with the times rather than to be stuck with a system that has to be upgraded or changed.
  • These machines are simple in their design, easy to use and built to last.


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