Hardware Supply Packaging And Labeling

There are many different styles of hardware supply packaging and labeling. Even with the different packaging types, it’s imperative that all your packaging meet a highly regulated set of stringent packaging regulations. Barcodes, sensor codes, warning labels, all must meet retail and wholesale standards – every single time.

For instance:

Nails – packaged in tubs, the labels are affixed to them. Packaged in boxes, the information is printed directly on the paperboard in which they are packaged.Hardware Supply Packaging

Hammers and other hand tools – Many are not packaged at all; therefore, they have labels that are directly applied to them. Some though are packaged in a ‘clamshell’ type of package.

Nuts, bolts, and other one-item supplies – Most of these are found in bins, however, at the wholesale level they must be packaged and labeled correctly. That way, when they reach the retail level, each item is in a specific bin. Other times they can be found with small tags attached to them.

Piping – PVC pipes used in plumbing typically come with stickers on them and also have the dimensions printed directly onto each pipe, at various intervals. Black piping used for gas lines has the information cast into them, but they have a label that is affixed as well.

We offer a variety of printers and packing solutions for your hardware supply needs whether packaged in boxes, clamshells, bags, films or other types of substrate.

To print high-quality labels, we have units that are stand-alone, or in-line. The demands of your packaging needs will determine what is best for you.

When you are ready to choose the printer that is right for you, we will take all of your labeling and packaging needs into consideration, and come up with a plan and the equipment that is designed specifically for you.

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