Is There A Solution For Serialization?

Is There A Solution For “Serialization” that doesn’t require complete production line shut down to accomplish integration?

There are off-line systems that have been developed that can feed, transport and print data matrix codes onto cartons that are in a flattened form. These off-line systems have been supplied to pharmaceutical customers worldwide and are manufactured under the Rotech Pharma feeder name.

As a security measure for this printing process a unique serialization number can be built into the structure of the Data Matrix code information as it’s printed. This approach can alleviate any concern about production line shut down as deadlines loom for new coding standards as the serialization process is accomplished off-line.

What is serialization? It is a method of product/package identification that has been now mandated by law as an “enterprise-wide” challenge which manufacturers are facing. Serialization can impact many aspects of the manufacturing process including the methods by which the encoded mark is incorporated onto the flat cartons and other packages.

What are the benefits of on off-line approach to serialization using a pharma feeder? There are many, including:

  • There will be no disruption in the production line when having to install new equipment
  • Because it’s an optimized adjustable single feeder system it can adapt to a wide variety of pack sizes and shapes
  • Serialization can be implemented in significantly less time than an integrated in-line system
  • Full system documentation can be supplied to aid in significantly shortening the validation process

This complete serialization system can generate random numbers which are printed by the system and are then captured by a camera and software that are integrated as part of the entire operating systems. The random number serialization system utilizes industry-approved algorithms based on accepted industry specifications and standards, or it can be configured to print numbers from a the customer supplied database of numbers.

If you need assistance setting up a feeder system for serialization, contact Griffin Rutgers.


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