Three Benefits of Using Needham Printers

Selecting a printer for your needs can be challenging as the world of printers is vast with any number of features, gadgets, and prices. Known as a global leader in ink jet printers with a reputation of quality and reliability, UK-based Needham Printers deliver even more in terms of benefits designed to meet your business objectives. 

The Smart Choice for Savings, User Operation, and Functionality.

Needham Printers delivers on three mission-critical areas of today’s business environment, offering an elevated value proposition:

  1. Money Savings: No one wants to see their printing budget be drained dry by ink jet printing.
    • Putting the myth to rest that ink jet printers rapidly use up ink, these high-efficiency machines utilize large high-capacity sealed ink cartridges and deliver features like ink saver print mode and light or open fonts.
    • Additionally, the printers have the lowest cost per print thanks to unique and consistent technology that reduces operating costs and maintenance costs.
    • Some models offer direct printing onto cartons, trays, and sacks to eliminate the expense of Needham Printerspre-printed packaging or labels.
  2. Usability: Having a printer that is easy to use and one that assists the user in taking advantage of all the features is half the battle when it comes to successful printing projects:
    • Many printers have multi-functional programming with a large WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) screen.
    • The integration of sophisticated print software is all designed to make operating the machines as simple as possible.
    • Besides boosting user confidence and reducing training dollars expended, it means faster, more accurate printing.
  3. Functionality and Flexibility: The diverse line of printers available supplies a large array of functionality and flexibility. Some of the best features include:
    • Production-friendly ink (oil and solvent-based as well as various colors) to suit a wide range of applications across numerous industries, markets, and materials;
    • Stand-alone, PC connectivity, and network capability for computers and production equipment;
    • High-resolution technology;
    • Multi-language support;
    • Compact size for convenient placing in small areas, confined spaces, and restricted positions; and
    • Password protection and other security controls.

The advantages quickly add up, especially when combined with the company’s reputation for service, support, and commitment to long-term relationships with its customers.

A Benefits Summary

Needham Printers checks so many of the boxes that a company has on its wish list. Here is a summary of how they offer a true advantage:

  • Time savings are realized through ease of use, comprehensive functionality, and features that reduce steps in the production process.
  • Money savings quickly add up from high-capacity, sealed ink cartridges, advanced technology, and direct printing that cuts out the need for labels or expensive pre-printed packaging.

If you would like to discuss your particular needs contact Griffin-Rutgers and let us put our 50 years of experience in providing printing, coding and labeling solutions for packaging to work for you.

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