New Packing and Coding Solutions for Healthcare Services

As the regulatory environment continues to expand to ensure that healthcare services provide safe, secure, and confidential packaging, specialized packing and coding solutions are coming to market to address those needs. Here is a roundup of some recent packing and coding solutions for healthcare services:

  • Biological and Specimen Shipping: To help ensure that biological samples arrive safely at their location in terms of being in-tact and maintained at an optimum temperature over extended periods, a new type of packing system has been introduced. These innovative solutions also recognize the importance of standardizing the package’s size to control freight expenses while also accommodating a certain amount of samples as well as room for the dry ice that is needed to maintain that critical climate control.
  • Pharmaceutical Vial Labeling: Some of the most important information for pharmaceutical products can be found on their labels, so it is a must that these labels stay intact. Even more so, some of the products come in delicate packaging like glass containers or vials. New types of padded labels are beneficial on both fronts. By adhering directly to the glass container with protective padding, there is no need to rely on some type of secondary packaging that increases the amount of waste. This also simplifies the entire packaging process for pharmaceuticals. The padded label is large enough to be able to include a range of marking information, including product identification.
  • Monitoring Labels: Healthcare products continually seek out packing and coding solutions that can help monitor the integrity of mission-critical items like biologics, vaccines, and pharmaceuticals during what can be a prolonged period of transport. New monitoring labels with USB connections can help those handling packages with these healthcare products identify and track time and temperature history. They can also generate other PDF data in graph form as a statistics summary. This helps to improve quality of delivery and ensure product reliability.
  • Filling Lines for Vial and Syringe Processing: New types of filling lines are now available that process and prepare diagnostic healthcare products for shipment to ensure sterile and high-quality processing of all these important medical products.
  • Bottle Unscrambler: A revolutionary bottle unscrambler helps companies in the nutraceutical and pharmaceutical industries in particular organize all types of bottles sizes and shapes quickly—in some cases, 300 bottles every minute—to maintain a highly productive processing line. This kind of line is also capable of print and vision processes that are necessary for the new serialization demand among healthcare products.

Here are the main points about some exciting new packing and coding solutions for healthcare services:

  • Temperature is vital to maintain for certain healthcare products like vaccines and biologics, so new specimen shipping packages and monitoring labels help to ensure that a certain temperature is maintained and products arrive safely.
  • Some types of products must be shipped in glass so new types of padded pharmaceutical labels help to maintain product integrity without having to rely on expensive, wasteful, and complex secondary packaging.
  • High productivity and quality are essential components of every healthcare product packaging and coding system, so new types of filling lines and bottle unscramblers are helping to achieve those components.


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