Packaging, Printing & Labeling Snacks

According to, the snack food industry supplies a major part of the American diet.  From chips to cookies, meat products, dried fruits, vegetables, nuts, rice cakes, chocolate, candy and so much more, the United States leads the way in consumption and revenue generation for these manufacturers. In fact, so far in 2020, the average revenue per person in the Snack Food market has been calculated at $305.43.

Consumers want snack packaging that is easy to open, keeps products fresh, and is easy and convenient to take on-the-go. Some research indicates that consumers are willing to pay a premium of anywhere from 10-50% for this type of packaging.Labeling Snacks

Snacks can become stale or soggy so snack food packaging demands specific requirements to maintain freshness. These requirements may include barrier to light, oxygen or moisture, and the ability to properly seal.  Add to that the fact that snacks can be packaged in a variety of ways, packaging snack foods is a challenging task. This is all accomplished while trying to assure that the product stands out on the shelves to attract consumers. Some of the packaging types include:

  • clam shells
  • blister packs
  • pouches with zippers, sliders, windows
  • trays
  • roll stock
  • shrink and stretch sleeves
  • boxes and more

Manufacturers must also keep in mind the FDA requirements for labeling. While requirements change from time to time, some of the basics include:

  • The identity or name of the food
  • Nutrition facts
  • Net quantity
  • Ingredients & allergens
  • Name and address of the manufacturer, packer, or distributor

FlexPackPro offers solutions to these concerns so that products can flow seamlessly from the package to the labeling, whether directly on the package or on a label. The Thermal Transfer Overprinters are rugged, reliable and are better built at a more reasonable price.  Printheads range from 32mm to 128mm in width making these printers versatile.

Griffin Rutgers can help your team design the optimal solution for your snack packaging and labeling needs. Contact us for a consultation on the value and ease of FlexPackPro’s TTO line and for additional information view our FlexPackPro Snack Product Sheet.

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