Packaging Printing Solutions For The Cosmetic Industry

When it comes to the printing of cosmetic packaging, clarity, accuracy and appearance are crucial. Manufacturers know that the coding of cosmetic containers and packages requires a high attention to detail and they also know that printing on the high-gloss carton surfaces, plastics and glass in which cosmetics are typically packed, requires a printer that is both effective and accurate.

They also know that, at times, performing the product identification or coding process is better done off-line then in-line. To accomplish this task there are three basic types of feeding systems that are useful in printing on these types of cartons and they include:

  1. A friction feeder which has the ability to handle a wide array of packaging products
  2. Shuttle feeders are ideal for when printing on reverse-tuck cartons is required, and
  3. The vacuum feeder which is a pick and place model for items of unusual shape or configuration

Companies that need to print packaging for cosmetics normally need to find a feeder that will accurately stop the carton under the printing (coding) head before moving it through the rest of the handling process.

In addition you will want to also find a printing system that can:

  • Offer a wide range of colors (including white if needed) and the ability to print metallic colors such as gold or silver
  • Produce codes or images that are rub-resistant
  • Provides high quality print

A laser printer which will allow for printing on cartons requires a contrasting layer of surface and will produce an absolutely permanent mark. Digital thermal transfer printing provides a method for easily changing the data being printed and it can also print Datamatrix and bar codes. Thermal inkjet, also a programmable technology, can print at very high resolution with a variety of inks to match the carton finish. But none of these printing technologies offer the results noted above.

The only technology available for integration with off-line feeding devices that will produce a solid white color, print in gold or silver, offer a wide range of colors and print in metallic colors is hot stamping – an old, tested, proven and reliable printing technology.


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