Printing and Coding on PVC

PVC is replacing traditional building materials such as wood, metal, concrete and clay in many applications. Versatility, cost effectiveness and an excellent record of use means it is the most important polymer for the construction sector.

Polyvinyl chloride, PVC, is one of the most popular plastics used in building and construction. It is used in drinking water and waste water pipes, window frames, flooring and roofing foils, wall coverings, cables and many other applications as it provides a modern alternative to traditional materials such as wood, metal, rubber and glass. These products are often lighter, less expensive and offer many performance advantages.PVC Printing

Since the uses of PVC vary, it’s important to ensure that you are using the correct printing and coding equipment on your particular product. At Griffin-Rutgers, we understand the importance of durable, reliable labeling within the building and construction environment.  We offer a wide range of high-performance labelling solutions that work well within every sector of the building and construction industry that are suitable for all applications of products constructed out of PVC.

About three-quarters of all vinyl produced goes into long-lasting building materials and other construction applications. PVC is effective in protecting the environment by reducing greenhouse gas emissions and conservation of resources and energy. It doesn’t corrode like other building materials, does not require frequent painting, and can be easily cleaned with mild cleaning products.

Some areas in which PVC is being used within the construction industry are:

Siding and Windows

PVC helps produce siding and window frames that are extremely durable, affordable, and help conserve energy when heating and cooling homes. In fact, vinyl windows have three times the heat insulation of aluminum windows.

Wiring and Cables

PVC is able to withstand tough conditions behind building walls, such as exposure to changing temperatures and dampness, for the life of the building. As a result, it is one of the most prevalent and trusted materials used in electrical wiring and cables.

Water Pipes

PVC helps conserve energy and water by creating virtually leak-free pipes that are not prone to corrosion and resist environmental stress. PVC breakage rates are as low as one percent of the breakage rates of cast metal systems. The lack of build-up in PVC piping improves functionality and increases energy efficiency.

Besides being widely used in the construction, PVC is used for packaging. Because it is durable, dependable and light weight, flexible PVC helps packaging do its job to maintain the integrity of the products inside, including medicines. Clear vinyl is used in tamper-resistant over-the-counter medications and shrink-wrap for consumer products. Rigid vinyl film is used in blister and clamshell packaging to protect medicines, personal care products and other household goods.

PVC is also widely used in the healthcare industry. Vinyl plays a critical safety role in dispensing life-saving medicine through IV bags and medical tubing. The advent of the PVC blood-collection bag was a significant breakthrough because blood bags are flexible and unbreakable, enhancing the development of ambulatory medicine and serving as the foundation for modern blood banks.

With all of the different industries in which PVC is used, ensuring proper, reliable, accurate printing and coding equipment, the experience and knowledge Griffin-Rutgers offers is invaluable.  Our team is here to help determine which printer suits your particular needs.

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