Labeling Small Unstable Items

Items or products that will not stand vertically while being transported on a conveyor require very specific handling systems designed and fit to each shape in order to present them to the labeling applicator in a controlled consistent position. The accuracy and consistency of label placement is totally dependent upon precise control of the component to be labeled.

Cosmetic products such as lipstick tubes, eye liner pencils and lip liner pencils will not stand on their own and thus must be addressed with unique handling equipment in order to insure accurate transport and label application. Small pharmaceutical ampoules and vials can also fall into this category requiring specialized handling systems. The most obvious solution to the handling of unstable items is to lay them down and transport them horizontally. Such transport systems therefore require shaped fixtures to hold each item in close control.

The number of items to be labeled over a specific period of time will also be a significant factor in the selection of a labeling system. Fully automated filling and capping production lines may require that labeling take place in-line as part of the overall process. Smaller volume operations where containers are filled at slower rates may be best served by an off-line table top type system. Such smaller volumes may allow a producer to fill a batch of containers and then label them at a later point in time when it is more efficient in terms of line personnel.

At Griffin-Rutgers we specialize in helping customers find the optimum type of labeling system they need for difficult to handle items, at an affordable cost point, and at a level of automation that fits their production situation, product volume and line speed. Look at our various specialized small item labeling systems below to view:

  • Table top wrap labeling system – Robo Wrap
  • In-line Horizontal Panel Wrap Labeling System – “Lipstick” System

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What is involved in labeling small unstable items and is this what you need?

The decision as to whether an item can stand vertically while being labeled or must be oriented horizontally can be quite easily assessed. If you can stand your package or item on a flat table and, placing your finger against the base of the item, push it with your finger across approximately 12” – 15” and not have it fall over, then it can be labeled standing up. If the item falls while being pushed it should be oriented horizontally laying down so as to eliminate any possible instability and resulting labeling inaccuracy. At Griffin-Rutgers we understand the intricacies of labeling small unstable items and can help make the application process as simple and reliable as possible because we have over 30 years of labeling system experience. Call and tell one of our engineers about the packaging item you need to transport and label and we will help you find the best system for your need and your budget.

Please review the articles below for news about various types of small item labeling applications. If you have questions about the best system for your product labeling, call Griffin-Rutgers and allow us to apply our 50 years of experience to help you find a solution to your specific need.

Labeling Small Unstable Items News

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