Robo Wrap Table Top Labeling System

Semi-Automatic Labeling


Numerous products that require labels are not stable enough to stand reliably while being transported on a conveyor or other such mechanism. In this case such small diameter products are better transported laying down so that gravity becomes an “assistant” instead of an “enemy”.

The Robo Wrap is specifically designed to label round products ranging from a quarter inch O.D. to a three inch O.D. The horizontally arranged product is placed by hand or tray into an in-feed chute. Through the normal progression of the labeling of product below it in the chute, each piece proceeds down the chute in line. As the product exits the chute, it is individually transferred to an indexing starwheel manufactured to the size and shape of the product. The starwheel then rotates the product to the labeling station where a label is applied and wrapped around a product. The labeled product is then indexed to an out-feed chute where it is delivered in order to exit from the applicator either by hand or back into a collecting tray.

The entire time the product is being handled and moved through the Robo Wrap system it is oriented horizontally so that it is completely stable and immune from falling over or changing orientation in any way. If your need is to label ampoules, small diameter vials, lipsticks, eyeliner pencils, lip medication type containers or other small diameter items then the Robo wrap may well be an excellent choice to accomplish your difficult labeling needs.

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