Tapered Wrap Labeling System

Labeling of tapered containers is often associated with slightly tapered “deli cups” or other such containers, which can range in size up to 5 gallon pails, where the package sidewall either leans inward or outward from bottom to top.

Traditional pressure sensitive label application is originally designed for applying the label to a perfectly vertical side wall of a passing item be it package or product. The needs of the labeling process change when the side wall is not perfectly parallel to the label dispense point and either leans toward or away from it. It is not possible to apply a rectangular pressure sensitive label smoothly and with precise wrap registration if the side wall of the container to be labeled is not parallel to the label. In such cases the shape of the label must be changed so it is cut in a shape resembling a “banana”, and the angle at which the label is dispensed much match the angel of the side wall.

There are also other changes to the normal method of pressure sensitive label application that are required in order to maintain system throughput speed and to keep the labeling line running smoothly. At Griffin-Rutgers we understand these labeling complexities and specialize in helping customers find the optimum type of labeling system they need to deal with tapered containers of all types and shapes. Look at our Tapered Wrap Labeling System below to view:

  • Accuwrap Tapered Labeling System

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