Re-Pack Tapered Product Wrap Labeling System

Designed to wrap labels around tapered containers


This labeling system is specifically designed to wrap labels around tapered containers such as “deli cups”, or tapered ice cream and yogurt cups. Several factors make such label application unique.

The application requires the use of a specifically shaped label that matched to the taper of the cup itself. A “Banana cut” style label is used for this purpose. The larger the diameter of the cup and the greater the degree of container wrap, the more critical the cut of the label becomes. We are happy to work with customers to insure that a properly designed label is employed so as to maximize system performance and speed of application.

We have overcome the traditional problem of label skew in such applications by partially pre-dispensing the label into the path of the moving container, and then finishing the application at the fully integrated label wrap station. Also, container stability during a tapered wrap application can be a problem. If needed for proper container control a top trap belt can be employed in order to insure perfect label application accuracy.

A wide variety of options are available with the Tapered Labeling System. These include a top mounted labeling head with infeed gating devices for the application of a second label to the product top panel.  Please contact us for additional information on the Re-Pack Tapered Wrap Labeling system.

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