Re-Pack Robo Tube Table Top Labeling System

Semi-Automatic Labeling


The Re-Pack Robo Tube Labeling System is employed exclusively for the labeling of empty open bottom tubes. It is specifically designed to protect the empty tube from denting or distortion during the process of label application.

The label is applied in a semi-automatic fashion. The empty tube is placed (horizontally) onto a mandrel accurately sized to the inside diameter of the open ended tube. The mandrels are mounted on a starwheel that rotates to the labeling station.

Once at the labeling station, a sensor will detect the product and activate the label applicator. As the label is dispensed, the mandrel/tube combination will rotate at the same speed as the applicator is dispensing the label. This rotational motion of the mandrel and tube allows for the application of the the label. Once the label is fully applied the starwheel will then index again moving the labeled product from the labeling station to the tube removal position. While at the removal station, the tube will be manually removed from the mandrel so that the process can be repeated. A sensor at the removal station will not allow the system to cycle again until the labeled product has been removed thus it is not possible to have tubes labeled more than once.

This process continues each time a product is detected at the labeling station and the empty mandrel is sensed at the removal station.

Empty tubes are highly susceptible to denting and deforming if not handled carefully with proper interior support across the entire inner surface of the tube. The Robo Warp takes all of the handling problems of tubes into consideration and solves them simply. Call us to discuss your specific need and let us help you find the best solution for your empty tube labeling.

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