Re-Pack Series 3 Labeling Head

Direct Apply, Tamp Apply or Blow On, Stand-Alone Stepper Driven Applicators


The Re-Pack Series 3 Labeling Head is our most versatile labeler. It is designed to function as a fully integrated part of a complete labeling system or to be used as a standalone device mounted on an independent floor stand. It is capable of applying labels up to 4” across at very high speeds over 24/7 operation.

The small size allows this labeling head to be mounted in spaces that would normally not accept labeling equipment such as under conveyors and inside enclosures. It can be equipped with a direct apply wipe-on applicator, a pneumatically driven tamp applicator or a tamp/blow applicator where zero contact with the product to be labeled is important.

The Re-Pack Series 3 is available with different drive packages and a variety of options. It can be equipped with a variety of different label coding systems so as to offer the ability to deliver complete product tracking security in the most demanding industries and regulatory environments.

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