Re-Pack Wire Wrap Table Top Labeler

Semi-Automatic Labeling


The “Wire Wrap” Labeling System can be known by a number of different names, but its use applies to similarly shaped products. It is used to apply pressure sensitive labels to various sizes of wire, hoses, belts, cables, wiring harnesses, metal rods and other long round products.  The labels are folded around the products and applied in such a way as to create a “flag wrap”.  The “flag” makes it easy for a customer to read the information on the label as it is presented on the flat flag surface making for easy visibility.

The semi-automatic table top labeling system works as follows: The process is begun when a label is fed from the roll and transferred to a specially designed split, pivoting vacuum pad assembly.  The product is then passed downward, by hand, through the pivoting pad and rollers at the point of the pad split.  By this action the label will be folded around the product with the ends applied to one another creating the “flag” label appearance. Once labeled the item is moved to the side removing it from the system and it is placed in a collection device that fits its size and shape.

If you have a uniquely shaped product that could benefit from the use of a flag type label, call and discuss your specific product and need as we may well be able to help you apply labels efficiently.

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