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Thermal Transfer Printable Pressure Sensitive Paper or Polyester Labels

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Labels are used everywhere for a variety of applications too large to count these days. We at Griffin-Rutgers speak particularly to packaging labels – those labels that either are applied to a product directly, the package that holds the product, the shipping case the package is placed in or the pallet the case is shipped on. All of these applications have a common goal – identify the product!

The terminology for these labels is “Pressure Sensitive “. They are generally blank unless pre-printed corporate information is required, predominantly white although colored labels are readily available, die cut to shape and size required. These labels come on a web backing generally in roll configurations of 3”, 6”, 8”, 12” or 16” outside diameters on 1”, 3” or 6” cores. Other diameters are available on request. Labels can be made with different types of adhesives for different applications. Once the web backing is removed, the labels are adhered to the substrate with pressure.

The labels can be designed to be printed with any technology including Direct Thermal, Thermal Transfer, Continuous Ink Jet, Thermal Ink Jet or Hot Stamp technologies.

At Griffin-Rutgers we can lead you through the maze of labels and printing technologies so that you receive the correct combination to suit your product identification goals.

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