The Advantages of Semi-Range Overprinting Systems

In the packaging industry there has been a flurry of orders being placed for semi-automatic overprinting systems. What is such a printing system? It is one in which the package to be printed is manually presented to the printing system.  The printing operation itself can be accomplished by several different types of print technologies and these can be triggered in various ways such as a hand or foot switch or a photocell sensor.

These machines, because of their low price point, make them ideal for operations that produce lower volumes, or for new start-up companies with limited capital budgets. “Lower volume production” is measured as one that is producing no more than approximately 7,000 imprints daily. Various printer technologies, based on the print requirements of the type of package, can be purchased as a semi-automatic systems.  These could be either hot foil coders, thermal transfer coders or high resolution inkjet systems. Once that decision has been made the printing system will require framework to support it, a platen to position the product and the trigger to manually operate it.

By their very nature, semi-automatic overprinting systems are operated off-line.  This approach works well with operations that employ manual hand packing, or if the automated packing method for the product does not easily lend itself to the fitting of an on-line coder.

Having a semi-automatic system also offers a new and growing organization the ability to later upgrade to a fully automatic system that might be operated off-line or integrated directly to the production line itself.  When the day comes that semi-automatic production volumes can keep up with product demand, the semi-automatic system can be held in reserve in order to satisfy rush orders or as an emergency backup.

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