The Do’s and Don’ts of Choosing Date Coders

Before making an investment in date coders, there are some important factors to consider and decisions to make. Knowing the do’s and the don’ts for selecting these machines can save a significant amount of money and even minimize downtime.

The Do’s

Here are some things you should do when choosing date coders:

  • Do take the time to do research on all the available machines and brands first. This will help you match up the machine and its capabilities to your unique needs.
  • Do look for a company that offers a range of machines, which may speak to their ability to offer scalable solutions. Look at working with a date coder supply company as a long-term relationship where they can continue to provide solutions as your business evolves.
  • Do consider opinions of others. Seek feedback, endorsements and testimonials from those who have used certain brands or models of date coding equipment. This can readily help you discern advantages and disadvantages of a given machine, or the company at large, before buying.

The Don’ts

  • Even if, at first, these seem like good ideas, the reality is that these actions do not promote making the best choice among all available date coders:
  • Don’t settle on the first date coder you find because it is cheap, readily available or the first to pop up in a Google search. You will not necessarily save money by buying the lowest cost machine as it may not have the capabilities and functionality required to maximize productivity, or the scalability to grow with your business.
  • Don’t dismiss the need to demo the equipment before you buy it. This provides a way to see what the machine is capable of doing for you before you buy it and ensure you are comfortable with operating the unit.
  • Don’t purchase your machine from a company that can’t also provide robust back up and service and support, including delivery, continuing technical assistance, equipment repair, parts procurement and other important aspects of customer care. Also avoid working with companies that don’t offer guarantees and/or warranties.

Some important features to look for when selecting a date coder include:

  • Is it fully programmable? At the date coder or remotely?
  • Is it user-friendly?
  • Can it store messages, dates, and other types of logistical information for printing on packages?
  • Can it mount onto the packaging machine for a more streamlined system?
  • Does it offer high resolution print capability?
  • Is output consistent and clean?
  • Is it easy to operate and maintain?
  • Is it durable enough to work in a high-demand environment?

In Summary In reviewing what to do and not to do when selecting a date coder, remember the following:

  • Do your research, consider companies that offer many choices, get opinions from others who have used various brands and models, and weigh the cost benefits of a refurbished machine.
  • Don’t settle for the first date coder you find, the lowest priced model, or the one that can be online in a day; don’t go without trying a demo; and don’t partner with any company that doesn’t provide assistance and support.
  • Look for a wide range of features that make the unit easy to use and maintain, provides a long life, and is adaptable as your business needs change.


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