Thermal Inkjet and Hi-Res Inkjet Printers: The Solution for Multiple Package Printing Needs

Coding and marking products and services for the packaging industry are versatile. Current technology allows you to print on nearly any type of packaging including foil, film, cartons, sleeves, packets, pouches, tubes, cables, lumber and more. Printers also provide the option of printing labels made of paper, plastic or vinyl.

Flexible Film & Lid Stock Coding
Foil and Films have become a popular choice in the packaging industry. Typically lot codes and expiration dates on lid stocks are common using thermal inkjet printers. Date codes on packaging for tea bags, for example also use this technology. Many other applications from the food industry to pharmaceuticals utilize thermal inject printers or hot foil printing applications to comply with regulations.

Carton Coding and Marking
Cartons and sleeves are widely used when packaging products ranging from frozen foods and confections to pharmaceuticals. Many food & pharmaceutical products require a date code, lot code, expiration date, date of manufacture or some other compliance code. Alternately, packaging can include branded or promotional messaging. Whether the packaging is primarily for the protection of the product, compliance or for branding and promotion, thermal inkjet or hi-res inkjet printers provide the solution.

Bag, Packet and Pouch Coding and Marking
Many industries now use bags, packets and pouches to deliver their product. Examples are seeds that are packed in a paper packet, hermetically sealed tablets, or food products sealed in film pouches. Batch codes, expiration dates, product descriptions and traceability barcodes are examples of printing needs and thermal inkjet or hi-res Inkjet printers provide the solution.

PVC Pipe and Cable Coding and Marking
PVC Pipe and cables require traceability for companies. Coding and marking solutions using the thermal inkjet or hi-res inkjet printer allows for detail and specification marking as well as manufacturer identifications.

Lumber Printing
A little known fact is that, depending on its intended use, timber needs to be marked to indicate compliance with quality, environmental and technical standards. Thermal inkjet or hi-res inkjet printers allow the printing of barcodes, customer information, grade and timber length, logos and much more into timber products.

Labels Coding and Marking
Labels of all sizes and types can be coded and marked using a thermal inkjet or thermal transfer printer. Whether being used for identification purposes, to provide instructions, or to provide tamper-evidence, details about the product can be easily applied. Even the foil label on the bottom of a tube of lipstick can be easily coded as well as a vitamin bottle, frozen food or pharmaceutical product.

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