Why Pay More for a Thermal Transfer Overprinter (TTO)?

Since the inception of thermal transfer overprinters (TTOs) in the early 1990’s, Griffin-Rutgers has been there.

That’s why we know that all TTOs function in the same manner, based on the identical operating principles – energize the print head, heat the ink on the mylar carrier,  and with a little head pressure leave an image behind on a substrate. Although each manufacturer has its own little twists (floating head, less pressure, ribbon save method, etc.) it is a proven, simple concept.

And all brands are offered in ribbon loading cassette versions no matter if they operate as intermittent or continuous motion coders.

So the question is – with all of the TTOs in the market looking and operating in the same manner, with the same Kyocera print heads, why should you overpay by up to 42% for the hardware and have to add more dollars to upgrade the software?  The answer is simple – you shouldn’t!    

We are pleased to introduce the FlexPackPro series of thermal transfer overprinters to you. Ruggedly built with the industry’s longest warranty of 18 months to prove it, the FlexFackPro series offers the broadest, most innovative line of thermal transfer overprinters handling more TTO applications than any other.  And yes, the cost-savings of a FlexPackPRO® system versus TTO coders of similar quality is truly remarkable (and the do-it-all ProCode software is included at no additional charge).

Thermal transfer, Print up to 32mm wide
Thermal transfer, print up to 53mm wide
Thermal transfer, print up to 107mm wide

If you operate V-F-F-S, Flow Wrappers, Baggers, Sealers or Labelers and need to place a code, ingredients information or other printing requirements onto flexible packaging films, labels, etc., in-line (or off-line), let us lay out the options for you before you overspend. Think of it as a little free consulting from someone who has been there since the start of TTO technology. 

From being the original Prestek SmartDate sales team in the United States and successfully introducing TTO technology into the Holy Grail of flexible packaging – Frito-Lay, to having worked with Compular (later named Marking International) on TTO development (Prestek and Compular were the two originators of the TTO concept), thru to today’s models, which do look a lot like the 1990’s versions, we have been there. 

If you’re considering getting TTOs our engineers can help determine the best solution for your business. Simply email us at custserv@griffin-rutgers.com or call (631) 981-4141.

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