Thermal Transfer Printer: Why the FlexPackPRO® Thermal Transfer Coder is What You Need

If you are looking for a thermal transfer printer, look no further than the FlexPackPRO® Thermal Transfer Coder  as it has everything you need and quite possibly more. Having taken the industry by storm with its introduction in 1989, there is an extensive list of reasons as to why thermal transfer over printers, and procurement from FlexPackPRO®, is so advantageous.

A Wide Range of Benefits

  • Variety: The company doesn’t just offer one FlexPackPRO® Coder; they have a family of printers to meet the market’s varying needs, including those for large print areas, intermittent motion,  continuous motion, high speed and a low-cost model.
  • Flexibility: The printer is versatile when it comes to the type of information that it can handle, including graphics, logos, and barcodes. It can also print on a range of materials , including cartons, labels, and bags. Furthermore, it can integrate with  numerous packaging machines, such as vertical and horizontal form/fill/seal machines, cartoners, rotary bag systems and label applicators.
  • Crisp, Quality Printing: The foremost need from any printer is high-quality, clear crisp print output, and this thermal printer model delivers on a consistent basis without having to set type or adjust a print head.
  • Fast: Not only does FlexPackPRO® assure premium quality, but it also produces quickly with its fast, continuous motion models.
  • Savings: FlexPackPRO® offers an interlace ribbon-save mode, which cuts ribbon usage in half, saving time and money. Other resource reducers are the Radial Ribbon Save and a proprietary ribbon-handling system.
  • Automation: Since  so much of the actual operating process that the FlexPackPRO® Coders  employ is automated, there is reduced human involvement, thus increasing consistency and security while lowering human error. It also means greater productivity, efficiency and quality assurance across the entire process.
  • Multiple Industry Applications: Due to its inherent adaptability, there are numerous vertical industries that could benefit from this printer’s wealth of capabilities.

Here is a wrap-up of the key points on why the FlexPackPRO® Thermal Transfer Coders are  are such a smart choice for those in the market for a thermal printer:

  • The printer is manufactured by a leader in thermal technology, FlexPackPRO®. This particular coding technology has been at the forefront of the product identification market niche since 1989.
  • FlexPackPRO® offers variety, flexibility, and multiple industry application.
  • Performance-wise, FlexPackPRO® delivers crisp, quality printing and does so quickly without using up resources like time and money. It is also fully automated for greater productivity and efficiency, increased security, and decreased potential for human error.
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