Tracking Auto Parts Items Through The Entire Supply Chain

Product recalls of consumer goods or automotive parts are news stories we hear about on a regular basis today. When there is a recall, chances are you hear not only about the item and the brand name, but also the location in which they were, manufactured, where they were sold, the expiration date, and, more importantly, the identifying lot numbers. These identifiers help the manufacturer and the public understand where the items that are under recall were purchased and whether they themselves are to be impacted.

This article is not about recalls of products, but, more importantly, is about tracking components or automobile parts through lengthy complex supply chains of today’s complex distribution and shipping systems. The need for this is to track not only where the parts go, but also into which vehicles they will be installed, at which plant they ultimately end up, and ultimately identify who purchased the final item such as a car and how that buyer can be contacted.

Griffin-Rutgers offers TraxSecur™ from Verinetics. TraxSecure is a high security print mark that can help manufacturers protect their very expensive and difficult to develop “brand investment” from counterfeiting or diversion.

It will:

  • Detect and deter diversion of product from the point of packaging identification to final consumer delivery
  • Assure product authenticity with a simple smartphone scan
  • Allow full visibility of product movement and supply chain performance all the way to the customer without privacy invasion
  • Provide new and unique consumer engagement opportunities via the TraxSecur™ mobile app

TraxSecur™ also offers:

  • The lowest cost and highest security authentication mark
  • Unique, secure, proprietary 2D data carrier
  • Overlapping security for by protecting conventional mass market data carriers such as human readable text, bar codes, Data Matrix codes and QR codes
  • Geo-tagging of items during supply chain movement
  • Flexible delivery onto packages, labels, hangtags, cartons, pouches or shipping cartons, etc. with a wide variety of common print technologies currently employed in normal packaging operations

A recent news report reported that, “counterfeiting is no longer just a problem for consumer electronics, drugs and brand name fashion labels.” Counterfeit items are finding their way into the aviation and automotive industry in components ranging from oil and air filters, spark plugs, brake pads and even vehicle air bags. The reason for concern is that counterfeit parts are not as rigorously manufactured to the same specification level as authentic parts. This can lead to premature failure and resulting injuries to the drivers and passengers, and damage to the vehicle.

A TraxSecure using manufacturer can track its authentic parts precisely throughout the entire supply chain all the way to its final destination with a specific customer. This protects the item from the point of origin and assures that the end-user is getting the correct, properly manufactured component.

When you need to track items through a supply chain, talk with the professionals from Griffin-Rutgers to understand the technologies that are available and how they might help protect your brand.

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