What are the Advantages of the Truflex UV Printer?

Truflex UV PrinterThe Truflex UV printer is manufactured by Griffin-Rutgers and offers a unique solution for those looking to achieve the dual benefits of reliability and performance for their in-line blister and pouch in-line printing needs from a high-quality true UV flexo printer. Perhaps you have struggled in the past with printer downtime, which often means that your blister and pouch packaging production has come to a grinding halt. Instead of dealing with those types of production headaches, you might want to consider the advantages offered by the simplicity and reliability of a Truflex printer.

Exceptional Advantages The Truflex printer is a true workhorse that delivers the minute it is online, offering maximum uninterrupted production and trouble-free printing. The printer has already developed a reputation for exceptional print and bar code quality. To help it deliver day in and day out, the equipment was designed and manufactured by a company with over forty years of experience with this type of printing need. The advantages include:

  • Quick set-up and simple operation
  • Only two sets of print adjustments
  • Quick, tool-free changeover
  • “On the fly” adjustment capability
  • Designed for minimal wear parts
  • Reliable Mechanical Design

All of these advantages mean that you get the uninterrupted production time you need to deliver on your volume objectives.

Benefits for the Bottom Line When you select the Truflex UV printer for your blister and pouch printing needs, you will have a partner that can address any potential printing problems and deliver the quality and efficiency you need to sustain a profitable business. Here’s what you get:

  • Reliability
  • Easy to validate
  • No shift, daily, weekly or monthly  clean-up required
  • Solvent-free UV curable inks
  • All PMS colors available
  • Continuous or intermittent printing capability
  • Registered or random print
  • Ability to print on virtually every substrate

So, what’s the bottom line? You can print what you want, when you need it, at minimum cost.  This means that you can take advantage of a lower cost for labor, maintenance, repair and materials while being able to take on more jobs that have a wider range of requirements in terms of inks, colors, and substrates. Doing more, but costing less, is what the Truflex UV printer delivers to your bottom line from the day you start it up throughout its extended operational lifetime.

To summarize the main points found here:

  • The Truflex UV printer delivers a host of performance, reliability, quality, and cost-effective advantages for blister and pouch in-line printing.
  • These advantages can help save time and money by eliminating downtime and offering an easy to operate and maintain printing system.


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