What Is Verinetics TraxSecur™

The TraxSecur™ suite provides comprehensive protection from the risks of counterfeit, grey market, and stolen product by combining authentication and track & trace serialization into a single technology.

  • TraxSecur™ solutions deliver undefeatable, serialized security marks for your products at budget-friendly pricing.
  • They are a tool for businesses to mitigate the risks of unauthorized trade. Track your product movement through all parts of the supply chain and conduct spot authentication as needed without special readers
  • Features include “Serialized Security™,” an extraordinarily high-security mark that can be unique to each package, SKU, batch and/or the manufacturer/brand owner.
  • No special inks or taggants, expensive validation hardware, or special product coding printers are required. Continue to use the intelligent coding systems and inks currently employed in your operation.
  • TraxSecur solutions slip in as an enhancement to your current industry standard track & trace serialization systems.

How can Verinetics TraxSecur™ protect your brand and the investment you’ve made in it? Here are a few ways:

  • It assures product authenticity
  • Helps detect and deter channel diversion while providing visibility into the product’s movement throughout the supply chain.
  • Authentication data is carried in a secure, unique proprietary “Serialized Security™” format.
  • TraxSecur™ permits collection location information linked to authentication data
  • Allows those within the supply chain, down to the consumer, to have engagement opportunities through its mobile app.
  • Is a flexible option for security printing of products or packaging, adaptable to various labels and package types, sizes and shapes.

Verinetics TraxSecur™ is ideal for the healthcare, pharmaceutical and cosmetics industries.

When you’ve been charged with securing and protecting your brand or being part of a serialization project speak with the professionals at Griffin-Rutgers. They will assist you in fully understanding the benefits from establishing a truly secure track & trace system – TraxSecur™.

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