What Machine Will Work Best for Barcode Printing?

In the packaging industry it’s often wondered what machine will work best for a barcode printing application. And, the answer can differ based on the type of application and performance expectations of the user. Many opt to purchase the EasyPrint due to its wide range of benefits and proven dependability. There are a myriad of reasons that make this particular model adept at working with a barcode application. Here’s why. The EasyPrint uses in-line thermal transfer technology to print codes, dates, times and barcodes, and it works very well with flexible packaging materials. The unit is also easy and clean to use and is environmentally-friendly. The EasyPrint models were developed by Bell-Mark, a company known for excellent quality and craftsmanship. The unit comes in two versions– intermittent operation or continuous operation. Benefits of the EasyPrint for a barcode application include:

  • Productivity Gains: It delivers automatic real time date coding with no need for a manual set-up for characters and alignment. You won’t even have to wait for the machine to warm-up. A simple keypad code change ensures minimum set up time. The machine delivers robust operation and high reliability for recognizable gains in productivity. The state-of-the-art EasyPrint design also does not come with complex maintenance schedules, giving you more uptime than downtime.
  • Reduced Costs. These machines do not require as much ribbon usage thanks to their automatic, high accuracy foil advance feature that works all the time no matter what print format you need. With no chases, dyes, type or stereos required, the savings are in your favor.
  • Consistent, High-Quality Printing. EasyPrint gives you a barcode application that has a high resolution (300dpi) print with no adjustments needed for alignment or temperature. It also offers a wide choice of fonts/typeface and sizes for greater flexibility.
  • Printed Code Security. Another feature is that the automatic time/date coding ensures the integrity of printed codes and complete product traceability for more peace of mind. Pre-programmed layouts also provide the correct print format and restrict the information available so the operator does not modify something that they shouldn’t. Security is further enhanced thanks to multi-level and configurable, password and keyswitch restricted access.
  • Easy Installation: EasyPrint can easily slot into the same place as the coders you already have in place and does not require modification or special processes for integrating it into your existing processes.

These are some compelling reasons for why the EasyPrint is the best choice for barcoding on the market today.

In summary,

  • We recommend the EasyPrint machine for barcoding applications for its technology, performance, durability, flexibility and ease of use.
  • It works great with pliable packaging materials and is manufactured by Bell-Mark a trusted brand in the thermal transfer technology industry.
  • The machine offers reduced costs and increased productivity.
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