Why You should Use The Accufast P4

The Accufast P4 is a thermal ink jet printing system that is ideal for use in the following industries:accufast p4

  • Audio
  • Automotive
  • Building products
  • Cosmetics
  • Electrical
  • Food
  • Hardware
  • Healthcare
  • Medical devices
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Safety

As you’ll notice by this list, it is a printing system that can be incorporated into various facilities of almost any industry. While the Accufast P4 is a table top printer it comes equipped with a split imager which is able to hold four HP print cartridges that that combined offer a two-inch print width.

This printer prints flat cartons, blister cards, carton sleeves, cards, tags, pouches and envelopes. The sections of the imager can be positioned along the rail for precise print positioning and can be split to print in different areas of the package.

Whether you need to print a single image, complete text, bar codes or other variable information the Accufast P4 is able to accommodate the task.

Various feed systems can be integrated with P4 whether it is the standard heavy duty feeder for cartons or sleeves, the tag and card feeder to make printing on small items an option or a continuous feeder for larger sized items. All of feed systems integrate easily into the Accufast P4, are easily adjusted for different products and the print heads easily reposition to print in the exact location required. Simple!

When you’re in the market for a printer for any of the above mentioned items, even if your industry is not listed above, contact our print professionals to discuss the Accufast P4 for your off-line package printing needs.


  • Variable speed vacuum transport
  • Open throat design to print large pieces
  • Modular – can be used in systems.
  • 2 inches of print split into 1 inch imagers
  • Windows print driver with USB interface
  • Prints any font.
  • Adjustable to 3/8 in. thick pieces.
  • Stitch control to +/- 1 pixel
  • Durable steel construction.
  • Lexan cover for operator safety.
  • Direct factory sales with self installation available.
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