Xxtreme Thermal Transfer Overprinter

Due to the changing global regulations in the medical field, the demand for innovative and effective marking and coding technologies has never been greater. Tracking medical devices through the supply chain is crucial.  Not only does the packaging need to protect the device from distribution to final use, in some cases, it also maintains the sterility of the device. However, throughout the supply chain, there are situations where a product and its packaging can become separated. This is one of the reasons why a permanent mark is needed in order to deliver a Unique Device Identification (UDI). By doing so, the product and UDI code are available even if the packaging or label is absent. This is particularly important for products that require traceability.


One of the primary coding and marking technologies in use for applying UDI codes onto primary packaging is Thermal Transfer Overprinting, or TTO.  In fact, TTO is the preferred choice for coding onto flexible, web-based packaging materials such as those used for medical devices.  Specifically, the Xxtreme 64 is well suited for this use as it is designed for the transporting and thermal transfer printing on Tyvek pouches and lid stocks, blister/header cards, carton sleeves, garment tags and paper labels.

TTO systems are able to print high-resolution, high density codes (alpha/numeric, linear, 2D, etc.) that can be read by humans and machines. In addition, the Xxtreme 64 can also print graphics, logos and other variable text fields to customize the packaging. This advantage gives the manufacturers the opportunity to reduce their operating costs since they may only need to mark the product once.

Tyvek® lids are commonly used in the medical device and pharmaceutical space. These lids provide a seal on trays that may carry medicine, over-the-counter medications, or medical devices such as needles or tubing, however, these trays are also used for electronics or military applications.

The Xxtreme 64 is also used regularly to mark on pouches.  Pouches are frequently used in hospitals and outpatient settings. Tyvek pouches are used to maintain and protect surgical instruments, for example.

The Xxtreme has a multitude of uses and can be used in many different applications.  Some of the features include:

  • Print speeds up to 400mm per second
  • Print at 300dpi
  • Feed/Print/Restack automatically
  • Table top design measuring 22” long by 15” wide by 13” high
  • Optional bar code scanner available

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