Available Solutions For Printing on Food Packaging Components

Printing on food packagesWhen choosing a printer that will be used for printing on food packages for the food industry, at times it can be more efficient to look for a method that incorporates a feeding system allowing for the packaging to be coded or labeled prior to being introduced to the packaging line.

In the search for an offline printer to handle food package printing and coding, it’s best to look for one that provides versatility and the capability of printing on:


  • Sleeves
  • Cartons
  • Cards
  • Polybags
  • Pouches

Some printing jobs will require the input of text for Use By Dates or production batches and these can be printed on an offline system. These systems can also print ingredients, bar codes and other information necessary for the individual product.

What are the benefits of an offline printing system? Here are a few to consider:

  • More than one packing line can be supplied from one central coding system
  • A pre-printing option can improve packing line efficiency and reduce line down time
  • The offline systems can reduce waste and eliminate costly fines that could be imposed if there are dates missing
  • These devices offer an option for pre-coding in anticipation of regular repeating orders

Up front capital cost of the printer and overall, ongoing printing operational costs will need to be calculated prior to making a decision on whether this is the best option to satisfy the requirements of your packaging line(s).

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