Benefits of the Auto-Redundant Print & Apply Label System for Various Environments

Today’s label system manufacturers realize there is no longer a single design standard or operating procedure for printing environments. Instead, modern machines require functionality that can adapt to a wide range of environments, some harsh, while maintaining a high level of productivity. That’s why printing industry manufacturers have invested heavily in developing new technologies that address a broad range of environments, to include the auto-redundant print & apply label system. The term auto-redundant refers to the concept of two label printer applicators (print & apply) placed on one production line so that when one labeling head is taken off-line for label and ribbon replenishment, the second labeling head is triggered for immediate operation. The end result of an auto-redundant label system being zero downtime. Below is an overview of this type of equipment, which can adapt to any number of assembly line and production scenarios across multiple industries and applications.

New Technology Offers Zero Downtime and More Incredible Benefits.

Here are some of the highlights of the auto-redundant print & apply labeling solution and how it can work for various production environments:

  • Ideal for bottle labeling and other wrap labeling applications that require a large size capability and that must have accurate labeling every time. This technology accurately places the label each time thanks to such features as an in-feed spacing wheel that controls product metering.
  • These systems were built with space constraints in mind with a compact design and the ability to mount the system so that works hard but requires a small footprint.
  • The systems deliver features most often found on much more expensive equipment, including PLC controlled labeling heads and calibrated adjustments, which make them an economical though robust solution for your single color label printing and labeling needs.
  • The technology works effectively within harsh or wash-down production environments.
  • Because it is always moving and utilizes more than one labeling head, labels and ribbons can be replenished without stopping production generally with the help of touch screen technology that controls the entire process. These machines can uniquely claim zero production line downtime.
  • The mounted design makes it easy to take care of service and maintenance needs and makes accessing internal components easy.
  • Internal components are also well protected, including the tamp assembly, due to removable covers that can be easily stored away during production time.

These are some of the many features and benefits found with an auto-redundant print apply label system. It’s easy to see why these label systems are becoming a favorite across multiple industries. In Review Here are some main points to remember about this new favorite label system:

  • These label print systems use two labeling heads so that labels can continue to be applied even when there is a need for label or ribbon replenishment of one system, leading to zero downtime.
  • The system can work in all types of environments, including those that are considered harsh or that require wash down.
  • The equipment is compact and economical as well as leaves a very small footprint on the environment.
  • It’s reliable, durable, and easy to use.


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